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Ciara’s yoga teaching style is alignment focused to strengthen the body whilst improving flexibility and mobility. By using active stretching and focusing on alignment, you tone and balance all of the body together, even the smaller, often ignored muscles. This gives the practitioner a better awareness of their whole body. The focus that is required for the postures sharpens the mind and the breathwork balances the nervous system.

Doing yoga improves posture, muscular skeletal pain, circulation, strength, balance, flexibility and mobility, mindset and focus and aids stress reduction.

Physical and mental health have never been more important and yoga is a great way to benefit both at the same time.


The majority of your energy comes from your breath and science has shown that the best indicator of life expectancy is lung capacity.  You can also change your mood by changing your breathing.

Yogis, religious groups and various cultures throughout time knew all of these things and developed their own exercises to harness the breath and improve life quality. Unfortunately, a lot of these highly effective techniques have been overlooked by much of modern society and as a result, we have a world of anxious, shallow, over-breathers with poor health outcomes.

The breathing techniques that Ciara teaches will improve the quality of your breathing, bringing your brainwaves and heart rate into harmony, making the systems of your body work at peak efficiency and regulate emotional wellbeing. The positive effects of enhanced breathing will have a snowball effect into every area of your life.

Just because breathing is automatic, does not mean it is naturally efficient. Like anything in your life, breathing can become dysfunctional and require training and practice to take a person from surviving to thriving. You take about 25,000 breaths a day so make them count.

Enhanced breathing improves asthma, long covid, mental focus, athletic performance, panic attacks, migraines, anxiety, inflammation reduction, circulation, high and low blood pressure and heart rate variability.

Work With Ciara

Ciara delivers her yoga and breathwork to individuals, charities, private events, workplaces, schools and more.

Work with Ciara to upgrade your health and wellness whilst being educated at the same time.

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What People Say

A yoga session with Ciara is a notch above the rest. Ciara's classes have improved my balance, core strength, flexibility as well as posture. Ciara is a perfectionist with her instructions as well as demonstrations. It is amazing how she can read my body and make adjustments and I believe this is the key reason for my progress. With Ciara, you will experience all the benefits of yoga.
Since my breathing sessions with Ciara, I've made good progress after having long covid. I had never considered it before. It was like the missing piece of the jigsaw in my recovery. I can 100% recommend Ciara's services.
Assistant Director of Photography
I have been doing yoga for many years and Ciara's teaching is the best that I have experienced. I have noticed a big improvement in my alignment which has resulted in both stronger and more flexible muscles. I love also how we do more than just the postures in the class. I am now much more aware of how I breathe day to day and feel much more in control of my emotions as a result.
Tech Manager

Work With Ciara