About Us

Our Philosophy

The aim with the studio is to be specialists in what we do, whether that be posture alignment, relaxation, birth preparation, postnatal recovery, philosophy. We want people to leave feeling like they have been educated and can feel a noted difference in whatever they need improving.

The studio is a home, away from home. It provides an opportunity for people to come back to themselves, away from the distractions and demands of daily life. It is a place for health, wellness, finding clarity and ease. The studio is a rolls royce experience on a ford focus budget, making it inclusive to a range of different people and incomes.

Our Space

Our spacious studio has yoga mats, bricks, blocks, bolsters and belts which you are welcome to use or you can bring your own. The yoga mats are cleaned after every use and the equipment is cleaned regularly with long lasting, safe and effective cleaning solution. You may like to bring a blanket for the relaxation part of the class, especially when we are in the cooler months of the year.

Our studio is located in the centre of South Norwood, near Norwood Junction train station and with bus stops outside. We also have 3 car parking spaces in front that are reserved solely for use by our customers.

Our Story

The origins of Yoga Mela date back to 2015 with a once a week offering at Stanley Arts, formerly known as Stanley Halls. Built on the principle of delivering traditional elements of yoga in an inclusive way, it grew steadily until we were able to secure our own purpose-designed space a stone throw away in 2020. Since then we have weathered a pandemic and a few other challenges but our commitment to authentic, community focused yoga stands strong.

About The Studio

At Yoga Mela we believe that yoga isn’t any one single thing for any one single person

That it should be open to any ability, every stage of life and take in all sides of the person

Which is why we offer a range of classes from beginner to antenatal

That bring together the mental, physical and emotional

In a place that’s a meeting point for our buzzing, local community

After all, Mela means gathering together

So that’s exactly what our yoga does.